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sexynessa's Journal

iron hyena
19 October
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!ocean springs, (facial) hair, 1337, :) smilies, abercrombie, american eagle, as if, ascii pornography, bald tacos, beanies, biking, boobs, breaking hearts, butt pirates, charlie brown, cheese, cheeseburgers, claire's, coffee, computers, concrete nouns, cookies, crabs, cute baby kittens, damhkcamp, dash, dates with destiny, donatello's sexy bow, drugs, dvds, dvorak keyboards, eating fast, eating frewt, eating paper, egads, elven blades, eruptions in general, escapades, flowcharts, flying with swords, foils, french vanialla coffee, ftp connections over serial, fuck that!, getting bl4zed, golf, guy butts, hate, honestly, hoodies, hot topic, hugging, idaho, ignorance, impending frewm, indian pornography, infinite loops, izod, jiggling, jimmy, kevin, kicking ass, lava, little boys, llamas, love, low riders, lumberjacks, lust, maine, maine moose, making networking cables, making shit up, mank, marriage for money, mein own pants, miniature pictures of you, molten lava, monotonous clicking, mp3s, mr. hirsch, mr. miagi, my name is mud, nelly, nipple fetish, nose fetish, nosehair, not cheech and chong, ocean life, old navy, optimism, or bowls, or plates, or something, otr, pascal, pawn and guns, peanuts, plants, pokémon, polo, poop, popcorn, programming, qwertyuiop, ralph lauren, random nouns, random vowels, rapiers, rhork, rims, rivieras, rock and roll, santiago, scrotums, scyths, sex, sleep, smack, sniffing sharpies, snow, snow skiing, soggy cheese, stuart little, systems, t-shirts, tasting glue, tectonic plates, texmex, the buckle, the doors duh!, the gap, the karate kid, the neverending story, the pornography of mississippi, time, unkemptness, utah, utter destruction, vague descriptions of everything, vintage, vladimir lenin, volcanic eruptions, waffle house, way too many interests, weiners, whatever, women, wyoming, ؆®